19 Novembre 2018



    Who we are

    The Pastificio Artigianale Caputo was founded in 2015, under the banner of continuity with the artisan laboratory “Fresh Pasta di Calabria” created in 2001 by Giorgio Caputo. The workshop initially specialized in the production of fresh pasta and filled pasta, which also followed dry pasta productions over the years, until, in 2015, it was decided to face a further challenge and enter this sector, with the definitive transition from fresh pasta to dry pasta producers.

    The love for Pasta and the rediscovery of ancient genuine, healthier flavors, more and more linked to our land, promoted and pursued by the Pastificio Artigianale Caputo, remain the same as the original workshop, also because today the company is guided by the hands knowledgeable and expert of Alessandro Bruno, Giorgio’s brother-in-law.

    All this, together with a careful selection of the best semolina, all coming from Southern Italy, where the climate and the methods of cultivation allow to leave the grain all its naturalness, favoring the fragrance, freshness and quality. leads us to use a craft production process based on:

    • hand work for each single nest
    • exclusive use of bronze dies
    • very slow drying with low temperatures

    The result of this process means that the pasta expresses a unique, authentic flavor of durum wheat, leaving intact its nourishing properties and therefore its final quality. We are artisans of Pasta … and we are proud of it.

    The Pastificio

    The Pastificio Artigianale Caputo markets its Pasta with the name of “Mastro Pastaio CAPUTO” and subdivides the production into:

    • durum wheat semolina
    • durum wheat semolina pasta
    • durum wheat semolina pasta SENATORE CAPPELLI
    • organic durum wheat semolina pasta SENATORE CAPPELLI

    We offer a young product made by young people, renewed, but with the quality of all time, which satisfies everyone’s tastes thanks to the numerous formats produced. Our mission is to delight you with a unique product, with an authentic taste; and to do all this we aim at the pursuit of perfection and continuous improvement.

    How We Make Pasta

    The PRODUCTION PROCESS consists of the following phases:

    • MIXTURE AND GRINDING: the durum wheat semolina is kneaded with water, and in the subsequent kneading phase, the well-kneaded dough becomes homogeneous and elastic.
    • DRAWING: drawing is a very important phase to obtain an excellent quality of the final product. Once the dough has been obtained, it is drawn into molds, that is to say in “trafile”, ie utensils exclusively in bronze, which allow to give the pasta a rough surface.
    • DRYING: drying varies according to the formats and in any case takes place at a temperature between 40 and 60 ° C for a period of between 18 and 60 hours. This is the most delicate moment in the entire production cycle. The drying phase is obtained through the static cells in which hot air circulates.
    • COOLING AND STABILIZATION: the final element of drying is the chiller which, before introducing it into the external environment, ensures that the dough is still at room temperature at room temperature.
    • PACKAGING: it is carried out within twenty-four hours after production, both to avoid the loss of moisture that would compromise the organoleptic qualities of the product, and because, the loss of moisture and excessive handling during the transfer could cause any breakage.